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February 10, 2020
by mayan22sw

Nile Dweller Journal

Dear Diary,


    I am King Menes. The first king of both Lower and Upper Egypt. I just fought in the war to conquer lower Egypt. Yesterday I was crowned with both the red and the white crown, it was great and I was overjoyed. I held a party and from now on I am the ruler of both Upper and Lower Egypt. Today I am going to meet with my subjects I have a huge snake of people outside my door. My first subject is a lower kingdom bum asking for some rubbish “please may you give me some wheat for my harvest.”


“Please can you give me some wheat so I can get the proper tool for my home.”



             That was long it’s always please that and please this it’s exasperating. I’m going to take a nap real quick…  ok as I was sleeping I had the best idea I’m going to make the capital city in Memphis it is the perfect location it’s right between both kingdoms I have to go tell my messenger “I just had a perfect idea I have found the perfect capital city in Memphis right between both kingdoms.” 

         “We will get right to it sier.” They said very respectfully. 

“This calls for a hunt!”I said proudly I always loved a good hunt by the water bank.

Until next time.



King Menes

February 4, 2020
by mayan22sw

Baby Turtle’s Way Home

When I wrote this story I was really just thinking about what kind of Plot a kid might want to read. When My teacher Mrs.Pugh made an example about a baby manatee and her mother it inspired me to talk about the sea and a mom and child. So I grew the Idea and kept Writing. The reason I picked Turtles to write about was because at that time our science class was talking about global warming and that made me think about turtles so I wrote about it.

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